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I've just signed up - why can't I submit a link/URL?

A new member can only add comments to other submissions. Submission rights are granted after 10 comments and a S/N score > 2. This is designed to allow a new user time to become involved with the community and ensures that by the time they are submitting links they will have a good idea of what the community values.

Note: You can add more than 10 comments and still not generate enough Signal to qualify for submissions! Make sure your initial comments are well thought out and informative.

Also note: if your comments are continually off-topic or impolite, your sponsor will be contacted in the first instance and if there is no change in behaviour, your account will be de-activated.

Why can I only submit 1 or 2 links per day?

As your S/N score grows, you are allowed to contribute more links. Again, this is designed to allow new users a gradual learning curve and to protect the community from a potential influx of enthusiastic new users.

Once your noise passes 20, you are considered a veteran user and may make multiple submissions depending on your S/N score:

- S/N > 1: two submissions per day

- S/N > 2: unlimited submissions

On the other hand, if your S/N drops to 0.5 or less, you will be blocked from making submissions or comments.

Why does an 'Ask ZSN' submission add 5 Noise points to my S/N ratio?

An 'Ask ZSN' or conversation submission is asking for input from the community - using the community in this way is encouraged but it cannot be done repeatedly without cost. The right to ask open- ended questions of the community has to be earned by previously contributing to the community (ie, other people have upvoted your previous submissions/comments).

Why do I need a sponsor to sign up?

Again, this is a mechanism to allow the community to grow but not get swamped by new members. In addition, if a new user is consistently acting to disrupt the conversation, the administrator will contact their sponsor in the first instance.

NB. sponsoring multiple new users that disrupt the community will be detrimental to the sponsor's S/N ratio - it would be wise to make sure your sponsored members aren't constantly posting lolcats photo links!