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What is ZSNiquette?

All communities need some ground rules for knowing what good behaviour looks like. ZSN isn't a right, it's a privilege - if you are being rude or disruptive, it's time to go and stand in the naughty corner. This page outlines some etiquette for being a part of the Z School News community.

Mostly its about not being a jerk.

ZSN promotes behaviour via your Signal-to-Noise ratio. Basically, if you submit interesting links that people vote up you increase your Signal. Conversely, if you post things that don't resonate with the community, your Noise score will increase.

Basically, posting links, asking questions and inviting other people to join ZSN will add to either your Signal or Noise scores and if you drop below a S/N threshold, you'll lose the ability to do some things. For instance, you can't post links when you first join ZSN. The only way to build your S/N score past the threshold is to add interesting comments to discussions that are already happening. The threshold isn't very high, this is just a simple way of getting you to get the lay of the land before posting links that you find interesting. The number of links per day you can post, the ability to ask general questions to the community etc are all moderated in a similar fashion.

So just to be clear: this isn't the comments section of YouTube - discussions and links are actively moderated and if you aren't playing well with others, you'll find your S/N score dropping and eventually you'll be asked to leave.

ZSN also runs a strict anonymity policy - we don't store your real name or contact details anywhere on-line. When you join you'll provide (or suggested) a suitably vague user name (ie, Piha_Surfer_Bob) that will be yours and yours alone. We want you to build a long term relationship with ZSN but we are not interested in connecting that on-line persona with the real you or selling that data to 3rd parties - the only records connecting you with your on-line name is a hard copy record at Z School HQ.