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Z School

Z School is a collection of tutorials for high school students and a community for them to learn about how STEM subjects are used by practicing scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

Who is Z School For?

Z School is primarily for high school students who are expecting to go to university and pursue a science, medicine or engineering degree. It's aim is to prepare you for the high school - university transition. There are a lot of self-learning and cultural differences between school and university and getting some experience in both the topics and the culture of self-directed learning will give you the head space you need to deal with the culture change.

Why is this website so awful?

This, and a number of other frequently asked questions are covered in the FAQ but briefly, the aim of Z School is to not use technology that you can't learn on the website itself. This page is manually built with basic HTML which is covered in the first tutorials on web technology.

What is ZSN?

Z School News is the main on-line forum for the Z School community. We share links to interesting STEM webpages we find and we discuss with each other how to teach ourselves (and others) STEM subjects. Z School takes seriously the old adage that you really learn something when you're forced to teach it to someone else.